Goldwin’s Top 5 Spring Outerwear Picks

With the arrival of spring, comes the start of a new season to update your wardobe.
For those seeking an active lifestyle, Goldwin has selected and introduced the top 5 spring outerwears for 2024. These items, designed with a focus on functionality, design, and comfort, provide a sophisticated style suitable for various occasions.
In this article, we shine a spotlight on Goldwin’s spring outerwear, combining the latest trends with optimal performance to showcase items that will excel in the new season.

Soutien collar Coat (Balmaacan Coat)

The Soutien collar Coat, as the name suggests, is an outerwear with a distinctive stand-up collar (Balmacaan), featuring a simple yet classic design that perfectly complements the refreshing atmosphere of spring.
This versatile coat can be worn for various occasions, exuding a simple yet high-quality atmosphere.

GORE-TEX Blanker Coat (GL04126)

A Soutien Collar Coat incorporating the functional material of GORE-TEX PRODUCTS’ 3-layer structure into a design suitable for urban style.
With a minimalistic design and a slightly glossy, clean impression, it proves useful even in business settings.
It utilizes GORE-TEX PRODUCTS’ 70-denier fabric for excellent waterproof breathability, and features details like full-seam construction and a waist pocket with a sleek water-resistant zipper.

Price: €860.00

Blouson Jacket

The clean and slim form of a trendy short-length blouson jacket makes it easy to pair with any bottoms, and depending on the item, it can be effortlessly combined with long outerwear such as coats. This highly versatile outerwear is suitable for various styles and occasions.

GORE-TEX Connector Jacket (GL04128)

A jacket that incorporates GORE-TEX PRODUCTS’ 3-layer structure into a design that seamlessly fits urban style.
With a minimalistic design and a slightly glossy, clean material impression, it utilizes GORE-TEX PRODUCTS’ 70-denier fabric for excellent waterproof breathability.
The blouson design features a boxy silhouette with a slightly roomy body width and a moderately short length. It includes functional details like a gusseted armpit design for enhanced arm movement.

Price: €800.00

Shell Jacket

An item that provides comfortable wear against unpredictable weather with its waterproof and windproof features.
The highly functional shell jacket stands out with its simple design, making it suitable not only for outdoor activities but also for town use with its high versatility.

GORE-TEX 3L Aqua Tect JK (GM04100)

A waterproof shell jacket designed to adapt to sudden weather changes in the outdoor field while prioritizing comfort.
It features GORE-TEX products’ 3-layer structure with GORE C-KNIT Backer Technology for not only waterproof breathability but also a soft and supple feel.
The jacket is designed for 3-season use and performs well in layering, even in snowy conditions.

Price: €680.00


While the spring wind still carries a chill, a windbreaker provides a comfortable warmth and prevents wind intrusion.
In the midst of fluctuating spring temperatures, it becomes a reliable outerwear for various scenes, including the start of a new life, sports activities, and relaxation during off-time.

Zip-up Floating Wind Shell Jacket (GA13311)

A lightweight and compact windbreaker with breathability and water resistance.
Ideal for situations where a T-shirt is too cool, yet wearing a thick jacket is too warm.
The jacket features ultrasonic welded seams for a gentle feel on the skin and a front zipper with knit tape cuffs.

Price: €240.00

Set-up Jacket

A coach jacket made from recycled nylon material, offering a unique dull gloss and a crisp texture.
Waterproofed for some rain resistance, it enhances comfort with a lined interior, mesh for body separation, and taffeta for smooth sleeve movement.

Nylon Coach Jacket (GL14133)

With a slightly relaxed silhouette and a drawstring at the hem for silhouette variation, it includes pockets on both sides and a security pocket on the right side. The front is secured with small snap buttons, giving it a minimalistic impression.
Recommended as a set with the Relax Straight Easy Pants (Product Number: GL73179).

Price: €330.00