Warm outerwear for the coldest winter season.
What is the newly developed ‘3D Box Baffle’?

This season’s Goldwin high-loft outerwear is a game-changer. It introduces a newly developed down structure that ensures high insulation power, adaptability to all weather conditions and movement, and lightweight design. This is due to the cuboid structure, ‘3D Box Baffle’ down chambers that snugly line the inside of the jacket.

Conventional baffle structure in down jackets often fails to follow body movements adequately, resulting in cold spots at the seams where the down can get compressed, allowing cold air to penetrate. Goldwin’s 3D Box Baffle structure adds special tucks and darts to the fabric that forms the baffles on the inside (the inner lining in the top photo), allowing the down to loft and expand to reach its full volume in a three-dimensional manner. Each independent 3D Box Baffle can adapt to movement, closely conforming to body shape without creating cold spots, thereby enhancing insulation.

Point 1: Insulation

3D Box Baffle
How warm is the 3D Box Baffle construction? This was investigated by comparing a conventional down baffle sample with the 3D Box Baffle sample. The thermal insulation test, based on power consumption, was conducted in our lab. Both baffles were left in identical conditions for 60 minutes (same fabric, room temperature, humidity, and wind speed), and power consumption was measured (higher power consumption indicates more heat loss). The test cushion with a 3D Box Baffle exhibited lower power consumption, resulting in a 37% improvement on heat loss compared to the conventional down chamber sample. This is equivalent to a 7% increase in insulation efficiency.

Point 2: Lightweight Design

Insulation performance is all about in how effectively outerwear blocks out external air, creating a layer of warm air, ‘dead air,’ between outerwear and the skin. Despite having the same loft and the same amount of down, the 3D Box Baffle’s intelligent construction reduces the indentations on both sides, creating more space to trap dead air. As a result, the down fill can expand more efficiently in a three-dimensional manner. This also makes it possible to adjust and fine-tune the amount of down fill required in each baffle, ultimately leading to a lighter overall weight.

Point 3: Fit

Maximizing the amount of down to achieve the typical voluminous puffer jacket look is not sufficient if appearance and wearer comfort are compromised in turn. The 3D Box Baffle design makes it possible to adjust each baffle’s shape and fill quantity according to the body contours to ensure a neat appearance, clean silhouette, and a more natural fit.

Products featuring 3D Box Baffle:

The GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER Down Parka offers high-level insulation, wind proofing and breathability. It packs down into a stuff sack, ideal for winter camping and tent stays. Featuring a 3D Box Baffle construction on the back and hood.


The GORE-TEX Snow Range Down Parka and GORE-TEX Snow Range Down Coat are designed for urban use, yet equipped with outdoor field functionality. Both feature the 3D Box Baffle construction at the upper body for advanced insulation, while ensuring a clean silhouette suitable for a wide range of different occasions.

GORE-TEX Snow Range Down Parka (GL23349)

GORE-TEX Snow Range Down Coat (GL23348)