Goldwin Announces New Experimental Platform, Goldwin 0

Japanese technical apparel brand Goldwin, will announce the launch of Goldwin 0, an experimental platform – at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 A/W at 9pm JST/12pm GMT on Friday March 18th. The new project consists of functional clothing for men and women that exists beyond categories, labels, and borders. This is not a capsule or collaboration, rather a continuous search for the highest quality and timeless beauty rooted in nature, science, and technology.

Designed by Julia Rodowicz and Jean-Luc Ambridge, in close collaboration with the Goldwin team in Japan and OK-RM a London-based design studio, Goldwin 0 responds to a world divided by invisible threats and calls us to reconnect with it. Understanding that clothing should shield us from the elements and provide comfort, the project respects traditional craft while pushing the boundaries of the garments through technical innovation.

Rooted in Goldwin’s ski heritage and the necessity for clothing to adapt to the slopes, the garments have a sense of balance that allows one to directly feel the conditions of the snow and one’s own body – providing an immersive and conscious connection to nature and the wider world. Colour, silhouettes, and woven details take cues from the elements. A padded vest is influenced by a butterfly, a packable parka draws on a leaf vein. The designers tap into Goldwin’s past, originally founded as a knitting factory, by bringing wool – a fiber that naturally regulates moisture, temperature and odour – back on the ski slopes with quality and comfort squarely in mind. Most of the knitted garments are rendered in WHOLEGARMENT, the world’s first seam-free knitwear using eco-conscious and innovative technology from Japan, consuming the amount of yarn required with no waste.

Sustainability is at the heart of Goldwin 0. The project carefully selects materials that have a minimal environmental impact, like non-museled wool, recycled nylon and polyester, and environmentally responsible materials such as regenerated ocean waste. The project will be the first to use Spiber’s new materials, including Brewed Protein™ for shell jackets, denim and knitwear ensembles. Starting as low-impact, the project will strive to become zero waste. All products are made in Japan in order to lessen the carbon footprint in production. All woven products will be available for repair at the head factory in Toyama, a service that will be offered worldwide.

OK-RM expands on the evolving experimental nature of Goldwin 0:

“A single point on an infinite line signifies neither start nor finish. It stands only for its own existence and implied trajectories. But if more points are added to this line, a certain potential becomes clear. Each new expression shifts the balance of the group and its direction of travel. The cluster of points becomes a community, perpetually coming into being, defining themselves in relation to each other, and to the limitless expanse of the line.
This is what we mean when we describe Goldwin 0 as an eternal transition from zero to one.

In this spirit, other voices of the Goldwin 0 team elaborate: “Goldwin 0 is about buying less but buying better – the responsible attitude to adopt in the face of climate change. We want functional products that last. To recycle a garment when its life cycle is over is to manifest respect for the resources used to create it. Ultimately, this means living in greater harmony with the Earth, its ecosystem, our fellow humans and all living creatures. We take this mission very seriously at Goldwin 0.” – Co-Designer, Julia Rodowicz

“Today’s consumers are a lot more engaged in the wider socio-economic and environmental impact of the products they are purchasing. The majority of people I engage with are focused on conscious and environmentally friendly design. Goldwin 0 allows people to follow the development of their garments in an intimate way which is becoming more expected within the market.”- Co-Designer, Jean-Luc Ambridge

Comments from Goldwin 0 Creative Director, Taro Motoda

“Goldwin is known for its technology through the origin of skiwear. For this project, we want to make sure how technical wears can be functional but also emotional at the same time. To make this happen, we believe there needs to be a beautiful blend of Art & Science with a connection to the Natural World. In this moment and time, we believe “Harmonization” is an essential. To harmonize with people and share ideas, to harmonize and coexist with nature, understand the environment we live in. We strongly believe the Goldwin 0 project is not for one’s glory but to share joy and create a bright future withy harmony.”

Goldwin 0 will be introduced via a film named ‘Enquiry No.1: Finding Form’

The film itself is more than the sum of its parts and only begins to explain the journey that is Goldwin 0.
Directed and Creative Direction by OK-RM (Olly Knight and Rory McGrath)
Clothing by Julia Rodowicz and Jean-Luc Ambridge
Poetry by Lila Matsumoto
Music by Mansur Brown
Editor James Littlemore
Goldwin 0