Immerse yourself in nature.
Feel your body unite with the world.

For more than 70 years, this unity between human and nature has been the driving force behind Goldwin. We believe that the greatest innovations are born from what nature teaches us, and that nature’s most important teaching is harmony.

Through an obsessive dedication to detail, and by designing all of our products to improve quality of life, we strive to help create a circular economy – one in which clothing coexists with the world as much as humans do.

Harmony with nature can, and should, be heightened by the clothes you wear. That is our belief, our design philosophy, and our promise to humanity.

  • Ski

    To face off against a tense moment during high-speed skiing, reliable equipment is crucial.
    Goldwin’s quality ‘Ski’ collection features solid functionality backed by the brand’s long history as well as its minimal and sophisticated stylishness.

  • Outdoor

    While retaining Goldwin’s iconic minimal and basic design, the ‘Outdoor’ collection effectively integrates accessibility with stylishness to handle unexpected problems which may happen during outdoor activities.
    The goal of the collection is not to be functional enough to deal with highly technical environments, but to be accessible for everyone. The collection fascinatingly introduces essential products for various situations deeply connected to everyday life.

  • Athletic

    Outfits in this ‘Athletic’ collection are wearable in various occasions from a full marathon and harsh trail running to a casual gym exercise.
    The collection explores the basis of athletics, versatility, to design all-purpose adaptable clothes by aggregating technologies and functions.
    The sophisticated designs and silhouettes of the collection also stand out in the city.

  • C3fit

    From Fall/Winter 2019 season, Goldwin re-launched its ‘C3fit’ line as one of the core collections of the brand.
    With the concept of the three Cs; Compression, Conditioning and Comfort, the collection offers high-performing outfits that effectively help wearers recover from athletic activities and maintain their body conditions.
    C3fit collection supports all users to achieve a more active and comfortable lifestyle by adding essential functionality within the Goldwin brand.

  • Lifestyle

    The ‘Lifestyle’ collection, inspired by the ski identity, is made for fulfilled adults who enjoy their lifestyle, linking urban and nature by integrating sports’ functionality and stylish looks.
    The simple and basic items that reflects style and individuality defines the collection’s identity.


Hand-in-hand with Skiing for Approximately 50 Years –


GOLDWIN started its page of history in 1950 from a small knit fabric factory, Tsuzawa Knit Fabric Factory, in Oyabe City in Toyama Prefecture.
We became a pure sporting goods manufacturer and launched our original brand, GOLDWIN production from 1958.


During the 1960’s, Japanese ski apparels were still in the development stage.
GOLDWIN applied the knitting technology acquired in the knit fabric manufacturing and developed ski sweaters with high functionality and sophisticated design.
The innovative ski sweaters became the symbolic look on the slopes and attracted people’s attraction as the new fashion back them


Having the technical cooperation with overseas manufacturers, we were able to apply draping technique which fits the body line and create sophisticated designs of functional elegance to our products.
GOLDWIN’s ski sweaters are popular in overseas.
Along with the progress of ski gears, we have been developing skiwear.


Since 1987, GOLDWIN had been an official uniform supplier of Swedish National Team, one of the leading ski team in Europe, and feedbacks from such top athletes added much value to Goldwin’s manufacturing.


GOLDWIN debut its LIFESTYLE collection in Fall/Winter 2016.
“City life with weekend getaway into the nature…”
Originated in ski, GOLDWIN embeds its brand identity in simplest form to its products.
Versatility, practicality, material, technicality and sleek style are sophistically catered to those who seek uniqueness and quality in life.


GOLDWIN is an official sponsor of British Alpine Ski National Team as well as British Alpine Skier, Dave Ryding, since 2017. Through such sponsorships, GOLDWIN continues to thrive polishing its development to provide the highest quality products for athletes competing at the top.


In 2018, we have renewed our brand logo to strive for developing more attractive products and proposing our values as the new GOLDWIN by mainly focusing on skiing as our brand core even now and then. The symbol composed of three elements represents dynamism, energy, ski tracks, sense of speed and silhouette of mountain and nature.


Goldwin debuted its outdoor and athletic collections as well as C3fit collection, a line of compression gear in 2019. Because Goldwin is a brand that actively connects outdoor and city life, the brand combines technical aspects of apparel with a distinct fashion sensibility. The resulting apparel can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions while still looking great in urban environments.