Spring Wellness: Relaxation with Goldwin’s Re-Optimum Series

Spring is renowned for its temperature fluctuations and sudden changes in weather. To maintain our health during this period, it’s imperative to emphasize relaxation during leisure hours and ensure both the quantity and quality of sleep.

Goldwin’s Re-Optimum series is a collection of conditioning wear featuring the “KODENSHI”, which enables to keep body temperature close to its own. Alongside Re-Optimum, we’d like to introduce ways to ensure quality sleep.

Protecting Your Body from Chilly Spring Temperatures

Spring’s temperature swings can be more extreme than expected. Despite warm daytime weather, evenings can be quite cold. Even on warm days, strong winds, known as spring storms, can drastically lower the perceived temperature.

To prevent chilling, even on seemingly mild days, it’s important to wear insulating clothing in the mornings and evenings. Direct exposure to cold temperature can lead to illness and disrupt quality of sleep.

Cultivating a Habit of Bathing Morning Sunlight

Exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning helps reset the body’s internal clock, suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin and preparing for its secretion 14-16 hours later. Therefore, opening curtains to let in sunlight in the morning and avoiding strong light at night can lead to better sleep.

Prioritizing Relaxation During Off-Time

Spring brings about changes in the environment due to fluctuating temperatures and unstable weather, making it a time when stress can easily arise for both the mind and body. To manage excess stress this, it’s essential to prioritize sufficient rest and relaxation. Choosing garments with soft textures, comfortable silhouettes, and natural warmth can provide  a relaxing environment, helping to alleviate stress during this transitional period.

Beware of Social Jet Lag

Re-Optimum Sweatshirt
Re-Optimum Sweatpants

Social jet lag, stemming from differences in weekday and weekend sleep patterns due to social commitments, may disrupt our internal clocks. With spring’s longer daylight hours, activity schedules might shift, impacting sleep routines. Limiting nighttime digital exposure and engaging in calming activities like reading or listening to music can promote better sleep.

Waking at 7 a.m. on weekdays but sleeping until 11 a.m. on weekends can disrupt your body’s clock due to uneven sun exposure. Spring’s extended daylight often pushes our activities later, disrupting our routines.

Enhancing Sleep Quality with Bathing

It is said that to facilitate smooth sleep onset, regulating warm body temperature a few hours before going to bed is essential.  Therefore , taking a hot bathing has a relaxing effect. By making it a habit to soak in a bath rather than just taking a shower, the quality of sleep is expected to improve. After a hot bath, make sure to utilize blankets or socks to stay warm and relaxed.

Avoiding Blue Light at Night

Reduce exposure to blue light at night to avoid suppressing melatonin secretion. As digital device usage increases, it’s easy to get absorbed in these activities. Prioritize sleep quality by digitally detoxing before bed. Dim lights after dinner for relaxation and engage in activities like listening to music or reading. Additionally, wearing comfortable and warm clothing can enhance your comfort and relaxation.

Features of Goldwin’s Re-Optimum Series

Goldwin’s Re-Optimum series use  KODENSHI, a ceramic embedded into a material, designed to maintain warmth close to the body. Unlike fiber-based insulation, KODENSHI utilizes infrared radiation emitted by the body, ensuring natural warmth without overheating. With a focus on comfort and silhouette, Re-Optimum supports relaxation and off-time activities.