Goldwin Repair Service

From January 2023, Goldwin brand has began offering its product repair service free of charge.
By providing service that extends our products’life even further after purchasing, we hope not only to reduce garment waste, but also to strengthen products’ appeal and appreciation when our customer come into contact with them.

The reason for offering a free repair

Goldwin, with our roots embedded in ski, is a brand that “promotes enriched lifestyle in company with ski.” Dedicated manufacturing through craftsmanship has been the motto of this brand and company since the establishment.Even on cold snowy environment for instance, often times the microclimate inside the clothes gets sweaty when being active in outdoor sports. We continuously strive to develop products that withstand extreme conditions and maintain microclimate comfortable that lead to assured security and trust of our customers.

Selecting an appropriate material is the bottom line. In addition to that, we believe that having our customers wanting to extend the time enjoying their favorite product by repairing will result in a true conservation of our environment. We’ve been offering the repair service with a fee, but we decided to waive the fee because we want more people to love our products for a longer time and to be as supportive as we can be in doing so.

We sincerely hope that this free service encourages customers to keep the product with them as long as possible. And also hope that repairing brings more people attracted to Goldwin brand and become fans.

(Goldwin General manager, Takuya Kinami)

To customers around the world

Goldwin Marunouchi is a store visited by a lot of office workers who like to enjoy outdoor sports on holidays.Our cutomers often seeks for our recommendation on mountains, running courses and such in our communication, and we enjoy proposing products appropriate for those scene that we recommend. Higher priced product doesn’t necessarily mean it meets customer’s specific need and we sometimes advise not to go over-spec, but in other cases, we also recommend functional items required for the field customer is seeking. And there are customers who did not play any sports but bought Goldwin as a business or everyday wear, which led them start playing sports. We hope to be the spot catering to such customers’ various needs and promote the joy of playing sports.

It is natural for more damages like broken zippers, ripped fabric or frayed stitches to occur with increased use while playing more. It truly makes us happy when those customers bring in damaged products on their breaks and off days. It proofs that our customers really use Goldwin products while they enjoy playing sports. Having our customers be grateful for their purchases and wanting to continue using the item that we chose together truly is our happiest moment.

(Goldwin Marunouchin Store manager, Yuki Nagashima)

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are very fortunate to have many spots where we can be in the nature. Many people enjoy variety of outdoor sports such as hiking and swimming because of an immediate access to the ocean and mountains we have available. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are also popular around Lake Tahoe, which is only 2 to 3 hours drive away.

We’ve received significantly increased number of repair requests since the start of free repair service, and customers seem to be very satisfied with repair quality. We’ve had customer comment things like “I did not have to buy new ski pants or jacket for quite a few seasons because of the repair.” I believe this is a great sign that people will be using products they’ve purchased for a longer time.

(Goldwin San Francisco Store manager, Drew Mills)

People in Munich are very fond of outdoor sports, like going hiking every weekend. There are many cycling and running clubs that can easily be joined as well, and those large cycling meets on weekends are being popular place people meet and interact with others.

Skiing is popular in Munich and there are a lot of people who have purchased Goldwin products even before the store opened in 2020. So majority of the repair requests are for such ski products that’s been used and kept for a long time. The brand response and repairs fast everytime we reach out to the team in Japan and send items to repair, which is absolutely gaining our customers’ satisfaction. Things always can happen in extreme outdoor environments, long-distance hikes, heavily used products and such.That is why we are very happy to be able to offer free repair service whenever something gets damaged.

(Goldwin Munich Store manager, Henning Riedel)

Our store is located in Sanlitun Taikouli within the city of Beijing, China. People’s interest in outdoor sports such as camping, trekking, running, cycling, frisbee, skiing and snowboarding has been increasing in China recent years, so we promote healthier and more prosperous lifestyle with sports. We currently run “RE (Cycling Lifestyle Brand)” pop-up in front of our store that is attracting people to park their bicycles, come into the store and shop around the store while they have coffee.

Beijing store started the repair service last year, and have been receiving interest from our customers. Repair requests commonly are for zipper adjustments, filling holes for down wear, and torned ski pants and jackets. Some repairs can be done by our direct factory in Beijing, and some must be sent to Japan and get repaired. Many customers are concerned whether the damage can be repaired but wanting to continue using their favorite items, so they are grateful for this repair service. We hope for our customers to have an enriched lifestyle close with sports.

(Goldwin Beijing Store manager, Linlin Yao)

Check the pattern and repair to be as good as new. We also receive handwritten letters of appreciation from our customers.

Manufacturer Repair Center’s Pride

At the repair center, two priorities are to restore functionality of the product as they were been used before, and to repair without changing the appearance as much as possible. When the damage is severe that there’s no way to fix without the original materials, our strength which no other repair shops don’t have comes in to play because we have patterns, genuine fabrics and parts available here.

It motivates us to do our best possible repairing whenever we receive damaged products all over the world that make us think “how heavily used it is!”How the product has been used can be seen through where and how it’s damaged, and it is truly fun to repair while imagining. We are committed to repairing whenever the item is torn or broken, so our customers can wear the products for a longer time.

(Goldwin Repair center, Koichi Sawada)