Breathability brings new possibilities to all-weather garments

Designed to be smooth and light on, yet provide durably waterproof protection and moisture permeability. PERTEX® SHIELDAIR offers exceptional breathability when worn over other layers and prevents humidity build-up during activity. By utilizing this evolutionary material, Goldwin is developing a new generation of waterproof, breathable all-weather protection that opens up whole new possibilities to improve performances in any field.

All-weather outerwear protects you against wind and rain. However, inner layers often get soaked with moisture from sweat during activity, which can lead to overcooling. This is the dilemma with conventional rain jackets and even high-performance shells. Especially in Japan where Goldwin comes from, with its long hot, humid summers.

This is the challenge the Goldwin design team has worked to solve while developing its technical outerwear in recent years. How do you guarantee effective protection against wind and rain, while still ensuring the required durability for outdoor use – and offer increased breathability and moisture permeability? New PERTEX® SHIELDAIR is the solution that makes this vision possible.

Earlier this year in spring, Goldwin released the PERTEX® SHIELDAIR Jacket using PERTEX® SHIELDAIR. Now, it is carrying over this product and introducing two new styles for fall – the Fast Shell Light Jacket and the Fast Shell Pocketable Pants.

What makes PERTEX® SHIELDAIR so special? It’s waterproof and windproof membrane has a special nanofiber structure that allows air to pass through for exceptional breathability and venting, preventing the build-up of excess humidity, including in challenging and changing conditions. This technology offers high-level breathability and unparalleled levels of comfort that is superior to conventional moisture-permeable fabrics.

Superior breathability ensures a more comfortable inner microclimate – i.e. your inner layers remain nice and dry. In addition, PERTEX® SHIELDAIR is an extremely lightweight, soft, smooth and responsive shell fabric.

Products made with PERTEX® SHIELDAIR help heat and humidity disappear in seconds and provide new levels of comfort in extreme conditions, including high humidity.

Goldwin’s unique design approach creates signature minimalist styles with pockets kept to a minimum, and three-dimensional patterns at the shoulders for freedom of movement. As such, they bring out the best of PERTEX® SHIELDAIR and significantly enhance functionality in the outdoors.

Apparel made with PERTEX® SHIELDAIR is not intended to offer heat retention due to the material’s exceptional breathability. These are weather protection styles to layer over inner layers – including insulation layers in colder conditions. The outstanding feature here is the material’s outstanding ability to release humidity and excess heat.

Climbing up mountain ridges or hiking at high altitudes, trekking in the pouring rain, camping or trail running in hot and humid forests... there are numerous outdoor situations where PERTEX® SHIELDAIR comes into its own. Especially in changeable seasons with hot days and sudden rains. PERTEX® SHIELDAIR is the ideal textile solution to provide extremely breathable waterproof protection for our increasingly diverse lifestyles.

Fast Shell Light Jacket

GM01324 / €330.00

Lightweight breathability for improved performance

The Fast Shell Light Jacket is a rain jacket made with high-tech PERTEX® SHIELDAIR fabric. It’s a shell-jacket for active use in extreme heat and high humidity. This jacket offers excellent breathability, moisture-permeability, and solid waterproofing with its sealed seams and waterproof zipper. The 12 denier thick outer fabric and 7 denier lining help keep its weight down to 5.9 ounce (Size Medium.)

Developed to offer a lightweight, compact and comfortable solution for activities such as trekking and trail running that require clothing to be light. The zipper and hood stoppers focus on simplicity, further adding reducing the overall weight. This jacket has a three-dimensional pattern at the shoulder, while the flat zipper at the cuffs has been laser-cut to offer an improved fit. This jacket packs down small into its accompanying stuff sack.


GM01143 / €390.00

Functionality and breathability for challenging environments

The PERTEX®︎ SHIELDAIR Jacket is a waterproof shell jacket made with PERTEX® SHIELDAIR that offers superior moisture-permeability, breathability, and protection against excess humidity build-up. It enables long-lasting comfort even in extreme heat, humidity, and challenging weather patterns. Its 15 denier fiber thickness is withstands scratches and pulls, yet remains soft and light.

At the sleeves and body, there is extra room and the three-dimensional pattern at the shoulder ensures full mobility for improved overall functionality. In addition, its minimalist design with reduced seams effortlessly adopts to life in the city. The left side zipper pocket has an inside-and-out mesh pocket that can be pulled out if needed, and the right side pocket features an inner security pocket with zipper that can also be used to provide additional ventilation.

Fast Shell Pocketable Pants

GM71355 / €190.00

Lightweight breathability for increased functionality

The Fast Shell Pocketable Pants are a waterproof shell pant solution made with the high-tech material, PERTEX® SHIELD AIR. They offer lasting comfort in extremely hot and humid outdoor conditions, as well for bad weather around town. The 3-layer fabric has a 12 denier thickness, which is exceptionally lightweight–these pants weigh just 4.2 ounce (Size Medium). PERTEX® SHIELD AIR offers excellent breathability, moisture-permeability, and stretch. These pants also benefit from their three-dimensional patterning that offers increased functionality for intensive activities. Moreover, the stretch waistband can be instantly adjusted using just with a single drawcord. As their name suggests, when not in use, these pants pack down small into its back inner pocket.




PERTEX® SHIELDAIR is the most advanced waterproof and moisture-permeable material available and offers a balance of waterproof, breathability, and durability. Its multi-layered structure contains a unique nanofiber membrane with a vast network of micro pores that enable superior breathability and venting, without accumulating heat and humidity even in extremely hot and humid environments. It combines this with durable waterproof performance.

PERTEX® SHIELDAIR blends this nanofiber membrane and soft lightweight fabric to make it possible to design a new generation of functional outerwear, such as shell jackets that stay comfortable while you are on the move, no matter how challenging the conditions. It offers the next-level in comfort for waterproof apparel.

(※Breathability・Moisture-permeability・Water column spec by the manufacturer)

Breathability: 0.2cc/㎠/s (JIS 1096 A)
Moisture-permeability: 10,000g/㎡/24h (JIS L 1099 A-1)
Moisture-permeability: 20,000g/㎡/24h (JIS L 1099 B-1)
Water column: 10,000 mm (JIS L 1092 B)