The Taping Effect Supports the Arches and Mitigates Damage

There are three arches on the human sole, and physical balance is maintained by connecting the three points of the roots of the big toe, the roots of the little toe, and the heels. Arches also play the role of a suspension (shock absorber) that cushions the impact on the body when landing. However, this function of suspension will decrease due to accumulated fatigue and stiffened muscles. Then, feet cannot absorb all the landing impact, which may place a heavy burden on the knees and lower back. All C3fit socks are equipped with a taping effect that supports the arches of the sole.

C3fit Arch Support Short Socks

Socks that Support the Three Arches with a Taping Effect

Mitigate the Burden on Feet with Patented* Arch Support Structure

Cross taping on the sole supports the arch of the foot and mitigates the decrease in functioning of the “longitudinal” arch. A special yarn is used in the crossing part, and the taping function has been enhanced as the yarns stick together and harden when arranging the shape by applying heat. In other words, by tightening only the taping part to enhance support and soften other parts, instead of hardening the entire fabric by using a knit structure, foot comfort has been secured. The longitudinal arch is very important in absorbing impact and maintaining propulsion force by the spring role.

*Patent acquired only in japan

These socks also firmly support the “transverse” arch by covering the tips of the metatarsal bones located at the root of the foot. Generally, deformation of the transverse arch causes spread foot (a condition where toes spread transversely), which is said to cause a feeling of foot and/or knee fatigue, as well as bunions. Taping is applied in a way that wraps up from top to bottom while also simultaneously supporting the transverse arch and longitudinal arch, the specification of which was uniquely developed by Goldwin, and has been patented.

Ingenuity to Mitigate Shoe Pain

By further raising the Achilles tendon part, discomfort while running caused by touching and being rubbed by the opening of a shoe is eased. Stitches were removed in the three-line part on the front side of the ankle, so that gathering of fabric when flexing the toes will be minimized.

High Cushioning Characteristic and Toe Reinforcement

Cushioning characteristic is improved by using pile fabric in the heel and toe. However, if it is too thick, it will make it harder to convey foot sensation; therefore, pile fabric in the toe is used only on the sole (the nail part is thin) and overall thickness is suppressed. Strong nylon yarn (reinforcing yarn) is used at the tip of the toe, so that it is not easily torn. These are our signature socks with finely changed yarns and materials. While these are small items, they are packed with our brand’s commitment to using environmentally friendly materials such as PET recycled polyester.

  • C3fit Arch Support Short Socks


    GC20300 €15.00

  • 5 Finger Arch Support Short Socks


    GC20302 €15.00

  • C3fit Arch Support Quarter Socks


    GC20301 €18.00


Goldwin Japan Stories

Best performance encapsulated in a small piece

Paper Fiber Socks

A centuries-old Japanese process,
made anew for the modern era.

Lasting Freshness

Paper Fiber Socks wick moisture not through harmful hydrophobic chemicals, but through the unique rough texture of the paper fiber. The result is a performance sock that protects your feet and aids long runs in hot weather unlike any sock you’ve worn before.


Paper Fiber is exceptionally abrasion resistance. Using a traditional Japanese technique, the yarns are twisted with stretchy nylon. Together, the paper fiber and nylon create a yarn that is five times stronger than the synthetic yarn commonly used in sport socks. Thus, Paper Fiber socks are ideal for high-intensity sports.

Taping Structure

The taping at the sole supports the arch and keeps the height of vertical arch. It also wraps the metatarsal region of the foot and supports a lateral arch. Securing arches in place absorbs impacts and supports its cushioning function which maintains feet’s propelling force.

Paper Fiber Socks

  • Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks


    GC21135 €20.00

  • Paper Fiber Arch Support Ankle Socks


    GC29331 €17.00


Goldwin Japan Stories

One-of-a-kind socks with durability and a dry-feel.
This is one unique story of “Paper Fiber” socks.

Trekking Socks

Wool blend socks
– ideal for long trekking

Thick wool blend socks
– ideal for trekking

Thick fabric is used from toe to ankle for cushioning and enhanced fit. Wool is used for the body. Wool's excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties keep the inside of the shoes comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter.
The lineup includes two types; mid weight and thick, that can be selected according to season and preferences.

Ankle Support

Support around the ankle for enhanced fit and ankle stability.

Arch support reduces impact on the feet

Cross taping on the sole supports the arch of the foot and reduces the decline of the vertical arch. Special threads yarns are used in the support area to strengthen the taping effect.
The taping also covers the metatarsal bone to support the lateral arch. By keeping the arches in place, it absorbs impact when landing and maintains the propulsive force of the foot by acting as a spring.

Trekking Socks

  • Trekking Socks(Midweight)


    GC21110 € 23.00

  • Trekking Socks(Thick)


    GC21111 € 27.00