Inspiration Long Tights is developed by Goldwin's C3fit technology with 3Cs; Compression, Conditioning, Comfort, as its concept. This high-tech tights aids in blood circulation, reduces swelling, and confortable even worn long-hours. Tights that is ideal for sports, daily use, and for relaxing.

Graduated compression to support blood circulation.

Inspiration Long Tights has a compression and is certified as a grade A medical device in Japan. Its graduated compression applies the highest compression at the ankle, gradually relaxing through calf and thigh. This added pressure to leg muscle aids its pumping action that circulates blood back to upper body, which helps maintain boold flow and expedites the recovery process.
It is not only an ideal outfit during and after workouts, but also great to wear daily as it can alleviate the typical swelling of the lower body.

Improving workout performances by suppressing unnecessary leg muscle vibration.

The compression secures lower-body muscle during exercises to alleviate muscle vibration. Having less vibration results in reduced damage/stress to legs and less unnecessary powerloss, which can improve an overall performance.
This is a functional tights for both activities requiring instantaneous reactions, and/or endurance power like running.

Product Features

Smart Seam

The tights use ‘smart seam’ technology, which is a special kind of tape used on the inner seams for a flat finish to reduce rubbing on the skin.

Seamless waist band

Uses the same material as on the seam for the waist for greater comfort.

3D pattern

The original 3D design follows leg movements and enables smooth running gait.

UV protection

UV protective fabric (UPF 30; UV blocking rate of 90%) helps prevent skin damage and reduce skin’s UV radiation exposure.

Originally developed material

Its original material offers great stretch, durability and a perfect fit.
Comfortable feel is made possible by an unique design based on an uncompromising pursuit for the perfect fit.

Manufacturing System

The Inspiration Series is produced in a selected, very limited number of factories in Japan to implement designs, details and materials that can meet the requirements demanded by top athletes.


Running, Trekking, and for all types of sport

Great for all types of sport such as running, trekking, golfing, tennis and more. It functions in both activities requring endurance and/or instant responses.



Great for workouts and yoga at home and/or at gyms. Fit that feels like a second skin allows to stay conscious about forms and posture, which can help improve the workout quality.


Fights the swelling of legs and aids in recovery

Graduated compression fights against the swelling of legs. Therefore, this tights works great when worn during standing work and long-distance travels. The compression is also effective in expediting recovery when worn after exercises and at home relaxing.

Inspiration Series

Inspiration Long Tights

MENS GC09350 €120.00


WOMENS GCW09350 €120.00


Inspiration Calf Sleeves

UNISEX UNISEX GC09380 €45.00