Trail Running 2024 Spring & Summer

Outdoor Spring & Summer 2024

Trail Running

Introducing Goldwin's Trail Running Collection, featuring a range of meticulously designed and researched pieces to elevate your trail experience to new levels of performance and comfort, including products developed in collaboration with world-class trail runner Dylan Bowman.


A waterproof jacket developed in collaboration with Goldwin contract athlete and world-class trail runner Dylan Bowman.
Made of PERTEX SHIELD AIR’s thinnest 7 denier fabric, which has both moisture permeability and air permeability. A material with high breathability was selected so that it can be worn without overheating during high-intensity trail running.
By thoroughly reducing the weight in 1g increments, we have achieved the lightest class of 3-layer rainwear at 104g for the jacket (size 3) .

Zip-up Floating Wind Shell Jacket

A wind shell made of PERTEX QUANTAM AIR, offering a perfect balance of lightness, wind resistance, and breathability on the next level.
Its lightweight and softness enables a stress-free running experience. And its high-performance ventilation system prevents stuffiness inside the garment while it shuts down the wind, maintaining ultimate comfort even in rapid-changing mountain environments.
Weighs only 90g (size 3) and is packable compact, making this a great item to keep in the backpack just in case.

A/L Hybrid Wool T-shirt

A high-performance T-shirt made with “AXIO,” a hybrid wool that optimizes the benefits of both wool and synthetic fibers. This material is made of spirally wrapped polyester filaments inside bundles of wool fiber, optimizing both the functionality of soft wool, and the sweat-absorbing, quick-drying properties, and durability of polyester.
The back, which is particularly prone to sweat-stickiness and stuffiness, has a textured mesh that prevents fabric from sticking to the skin and improves breathability.
This wool T-shirt with improved quick-drying properties is an ideal item for trail running involving lots of sweat.

Impact Air Cargo Half Tights

Half tights that firmly support thigh muscles and waist area. Strong support from the gluteus Medius to the pelvis stabilizes the lower body during exercise. In addition, quadriceps support suppresses unnecessary muscle wobbling and minimizes excess power loss. The thigh area without the support is made of breathable material for an increased breathability. There are mesh cargo pockets on the outer side of thighs, useful for storing things like smartphone and energy packs.



GA04120 ¥50,000.00

Zip-up Floating Wind Shell Jacket

GA13311 ¥36,000.00

A/L Hybrid Wool T-shirt

GA64128 ¥17,000.00

Star Trail Pack

GA94199 ¥25,000.00

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