List of functional materials used on Goldwin products

Brewed Protein™

Brewed Protein materials are fibers, films, and other types of materials that are manufactured through fermentation (brewing) of plant-based ingredients. This new class of material is created using Spiber Inc.’s proprietary technology platform that enables customized design and molecular engineering of nature-inspired protein polymers. These materials can offer alternative solutions to a wide range of conventional animal-based, plant-based and synthetic materials for various purposes, including textiles applications for the apparel industry.


Material developed with cutting-edge science that offers next-level durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. GORE-TEX's extremely thin membrane provides superior waterproof and breathability, which keeps the rain out while perspiration vaporizes, delivering lasting comfort and protection.


Garments made with GORE-TEX are durably waterproof, windproof and very breathable. Delivering maximum comfort and protection in a wide range of weather conditions.


GORE-TEX PRO fabric is durably waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable. As they promise, "GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY," the fabric combines comfort with reliable weather protection, even in extreme weather.


New high-performance non-waterproof technologies with superior windproof from GORE-TEX that upgrade your comfort and protection.


Minimalist construction of GORE-TEX PACLITE® garments, where GORE-TEX membrane is bonded directly to outer shell then covered by a durable protective layer, allows them to be so lightweight and packable.


PERTEX® was established in 1979 by Perseverance Mills Ltd. primarily an industrial textile manufacturer specializing in canopy fabrics and others. There are many types of PERTEX® fabric, but all have common characteristics of being "lightweight and smooth."


Using high-density ultra-fine yarn, this synthetic material has a water pressure resistance of 10,000 mm and moisture permeability of 7,000 g/m2, and is lightweight, flexible, and durable enough to meet the needs of the wearer.


PERTEX® SHIELD AIR uses an air permeable nanofibre membrane to provide extremely breathable and durable waterproof protection.


This fabric is durably windproof and water-resistant. Precisely constructed from incredibly fine yarns, less than 20 denier, PERTEX® QUANTUM fabrics are extremely lightweight and durable.


PERTEX® QUANTUM AIR is engineered with increased air permeability to provide a balance between wind resistance and breathability while maintaining lightweight, smoothness and durability of PERTEX® QUANTUM.


PERTEX® EQUILIBRIUM uses a double weave construction in which a tightly woven outer face provides protection from the elements whilst a more openly woven inner face helps to move moisture away from the body, creating a comfortable microclimate.


PERTEX's technical knowledge is matched with a solid understanding of the outdoor environment that evolved into a fabric applicable for urban scenes.


POLARTEC® is the premium provider of innovative and sustainable textiles that delivers sweat-absorption, fast-drying, waterproof, windproof, breathability and anti-bacterial/odor solutions required for outdoors.

POLARTEC® Power Wool™

This hybrid design is made with a soft, odor-reducing, merino wool base and a highly durable synthetic exterior that transfers moisture out.

POLARTEC® Micro Series

Fleece material with special micro-fiber construction that is lightweight and warm. It is extremely breathable and resistant to pilling.


POLARTEC® Delta™ was created so cooling fabric technologies could better utilize the body's natural cooling process - sweat. Delta's specialized knit construction uses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns for more advanced control of moisture dispersal.


Neoshell™ provides the strength and durability of a weather protective fabric, while still allowing dynamic air exchange and a comfortable full range of motion. It releases heat and perspiration and enhances thermoregulation, yet still providing the needed protection from all outside elements.

POLARTEC® High Loft™

POLARTEC® High Loft™ is another milestone in the evolution of POLARTEC's synthetic fleece fabric that retains more thermal warmth, repels moisture and speeds dry times while keeping this insulation lightweight.

POLARTEC® Power Grid™

POLARTEC® Power Grid™ is a grid-styled material with uniquely uneven surface that offers superior moisture-absorption on the inner side, and an excellent fast-drying capability on the outer side. In addition, its grid traps air inbetween for an increased heat-retention while ensuring breathability.

POLARTEC® Power Dry®

POLARTEC®Power Dry® has 2-layer knitting structure made of different yarns on each side, resulting in rapid moisture-absorption and release that keep skin fresh.


POLARTEC® Wind Pro® is a high-performance fleece fabric that provides insulation as well as exceptional wind resistance in cold, windy conditions. This material has a smooth and solid surface structure achieved through densely woven yarn, which effectively reduces wind impact. As a result, it provides outstanding wind-blocking performance, with four times the wind penetration resistance of ordinary fleece textiles.


PRIMALOFT® is a synthetic high-performance insulation with a heat-retaining ability that of down. But unlike down, it maintains its heat-retention even when wet and is also highly water-resistant.


PRIMALOFT® SILVER has a fiber "so fine" to touch, and keeps you warm when the temperatures drop. It is also lightweight and highly compressible.


It combines 80% recycled material with PRIMALOFT virgin fibers to create lightweight, compact, warm and soft insulation. Added processing for water-repellency prevents fibers from absorbing water and keeps microclimate warm and dry.



The high-purity ultra-fine ceramics blended in KODENSHI® fibers retains temperature with its far infrared rays radiation acting on in a body temperature range effectively. It delivers optimal heat retention by mixing with other materials, and increases moisture-permeability and fast-dry of the material as well.


Fabric 7 times more durable than ordinary nylons. It has an excellent tear strength with unique texture and softness to the touch. Trademarked by Invista.


Schoeller, Swedish textile manufacturer founded in 1867, is well-established and credited worldwide for their innovative textiles and unique processings, and continues to develop high-performance materials with superior durability and stretch.


Octa is a polyester fiber that absorbs sweat and dries quickly. A special fiber with eight projections arranged radially on a hollow yarn improves perspiration performance, light weight, comfort, and heat shielding effect.


Dermizax® is a laminate with a sophisticated membrane that achieves the highest level of water resistance, breathability, and resistance to condensation. The stretchable laminate takes advantage of the fabric's elasticity, giving it a light and flexible feel. It is a perfect material for sporting activities in harsh conditions, including mountain climbing, outdoor sports, and winter sports.


High-performance insulation that is soft, dense, and lightweight. Insulation developed by GOLDWIN that delivers excellent heat-retention even in the snow.

MOTRANS(Moisture Transmission)

A process developed by GOLDWIN that delivers excellent bleathability and water resistance ideal for winter sports such as ski.


LYCRA® freshFX® fiber actively suppresses the growth of bacteria which are the root cause of body odor related to smells. The active ingredient in these fibers is a durable, non-migratory silver-based antimicrobial additive that is spun directly into the yarn.
※It is a versatile fiber that makes possible for a multitude of fabric developments and constructions, including open structures and the use of polyester/viscose blends, and cotton blends achieving a soft touch and authentic appearance.
※It works to reduce the cause of smell and does not eliminate the body odor itself.
*LYCRA(R) and freshFX(R) are both trademarked by Invista.


Polygiene® process stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria and cracking environmental odors to stop the offensive odor. Sweat is natural and odorless but when in textile, it creates a moist and warm environment which is ideal for odor-causing bacteria to multiply and grow. The bad odor is released as bacteria break down proteins and fatty acids present in sweat. It is said that the odor is at the strongest after 6 hours from sweating. Polygiene makes garments feel fresh and clean despite sweaty conditions and smelly environments.


It is a body and environment-friendly fiber made from natural filament fiber of paper thread. The fiber is derived from fast-growing inedible plants such as Abaca and is biodegradable after use. It has excellent moisture absorption, desorption, and unique skin release characteristics which reduce stickiness and uncomfortable stuffiness. Air pockets within the thread make this material cool in summer and warm in wither. It is lightweight and has natural antibacterial and deodorant properties as well as UV absorption capability, making it a comfortable material regardless of the season or conditions.


High-performance material developed by Teijin Frontier Co. It provides a soft, stretchy texture with gentle cushioning. The material offers vivid colors and is also easy to combine with other fibers. SOLOTEX® is an eco-friendly fiber with low environmental impact.


ECOPET® is a polyester fiber made with used plastic bottles that were collected and "material recycle" processed. It does not use petroleum and upcycles available resources, realizing a significant reduction in environmental harm.


We define environment-friendly materials as “GREEN MATERIAL”. Mostly, material that does not affect the cycle of the nature and has low impact on the environment. Some examples are as below:
- Plant-based fibers that grow in a short cycle and eco-fibers that require less cultivated areas
- Polyester fiber produced by recycling PET bottles
- Materials recycled from old clothing