Sustainability Efforts

Goldwin, with its origin in skiing and a lifestyle with snow, makes numbers of sustainability efforts in the hope of leaving our environment as beautiful as is for the future generations.

Repair Service

Goldwin offers a free repair service for all damaged products (with few item exceptions.)
Goldwin not only pursues comfort, functionality, and durability, but also sets strict quality control standards in development/production processes to provide lasting and high-quality products that our customers can enjoy with peace of mind.
Goldwin takes extra care for damaged products by offering the most appropriate repairing method to restore its original functionality. We aim to reduce wasteful consumption and production of apparels through this "free repair service" that allows customers to use and cherish our product for a long time.


"GREEN BATON" is a sustainable label with the slogan, "From hand to hand. Let's connect for the future." This is an initiative to purchase unwanted kids' clothing, then upcycle them to create new products and offer as a new product under "GREEN BATON" label. GOLDWIN, as the founder of this label, will take responsibility for cleaning/repairing/upcycling in this project, and pass it on to people who reappreciate them.

National Parks of Japan

In October 2020, Goldwin established a partnership with the Ministry of the Environment as an "Official Partner of National Parks."

Leveraging our expertise gained from years of experience, we aim to showcase the stunning landscapes and the joy of staying in Japan's world-renowned national parks. At the same time, we seek to stimulate the regions where these national parks are located and connect the rich natural environment to the future.

We hope that this initiative will allow more people to experience the beauty of national parks and foster a sense of closeness to nature in their everyday lives.

Workwear Project

Goldwin cares and continues its effort in protecting our environment with snow for the future and supports people who work in such fields as ski resorts with our eco-friendly work wear.
In addition to functionality and comfort feasible to the snowy environment and work style, workwear provided by Goldwin ensures its products last a long time by facilitating regular care and repairs. Further, Goldwin recycles and upcycles them for new uses without discarding.

**A project is currently only active in Japan.

Our Partners

In our effort in protecting the natural environment, Goldwin partners with like-minded organizations and together carry out activities to preserve the rich nature into the future.

Protect Our Winters Japan

Leave No Trace Japan

Conservation Alliance Japan