Enhancing overall health by promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling. Upgrade your workouts and everyday health with high-performance tights.

Blood flow works to prevent swelling in the lower body.Graduated compression can boost circulation.

Many people experience uncomfortable swelling in the legs after a flight or long-distance travel. Others experience swelling on a daily basis due to stationary desk positions or standing at work.

Swelling is mainly due to poor blood circulation. The heart pumps blood out and around the entire body. However, when blood reaches the feet, it has to flow back against gravity to return to the heart. Our muscles have a natural pumping action, known as “milking” that assists circulation. The leg muscles – especially the calf muscles – exert pressure on the veins, acting as a secondary pump to push blood flow back up to the heart.

Sitting or standing for long periods may cause parts of the legs to swell. This is because the muscles are inactive and their natural pumping effect is deactivated. The result: poor blood circulation.

Goldwin Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” provide compression that supports the muscles’ natural pumping effect and eases swelling. They are a certified Grade A Medical Device in Japan.

Graduated compression is the secret behind this effect. By apply varying levels of compression to the ankle, calf and thigh, it is possible to effectively support the muscles’ natural pumping action. This results in greater blood circulation and less swelling.

High-performance tights promote faster recovery. Their benefits apply to workouts too.

Our “Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” offer blood circulation support to help recovery. Enhanced blood circulation promotes better recovery by delivering nutrients and oxygen all over the body. Whenever fatigue hits, or after intensive workouts, blood circulation support by graduated compression tights can help you stabilize your condition.

Goldwin “Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” work to enhance performance too. Graduated compression minimizes muscle vibration during workouts and alleviates stress in the legs. It also minimizes power loss, supporting the body to perform at its best. The effect is beneficial for both long-distance running and shorter, more intense activity.

Lasting comfort endorsed by athletes.

Goldwin tights are designed to feel comfortable not only during workouts, but also for daily wear. For instance, the seams are covered by special tape to ensure a smooth surface where they touch the skin. This is Goldwin’s patented “smart seam” technology. The process prevents rubbing and chafing to ensure that the tights feel and stay comfortable.

The elastic waistband of the “Inspiration Long Tights” has a wide section of stretch material attached to eliminate the seam. This makes it feel smooth next to skin for ultimate comfort.

In addition, its unique ergonomic 3D construction follows the body’s movements, enabling freedom and mobility without material build-up, for example behind the knee.

Moreover, Goldwin fabric gives excellent stretch, durability and fit. The nylon-based material is smooth to the touch and stays comfortable during extended use.

Pro free-climber, Akiyo Noguchi, wears the “Inspiration Long Tights” and is impressed by their fit.

“I love how they feel on my skin and how the compression works at each area. The stretch fabric around the hips and high-rise design support your pelvis, which adds to the comfort.”

The Goldwin “Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” have been positively received by a number of top athletes who have described them as: “essential for travelling, racing and competitions.”

Their blood circulation support and swelling suppression benefits can be applied to a wide range of sporting activities.

When worn during golf or marathon running for instance, the difference they make can be felt in those final 3 holes or the last 10km.

Goldwin tights also offer high UV protection, to allow you to safely enjoy playing golf, running, trekking, cycling, walking and more.

The proven benefits of compression tights are ideal for daily use.

The Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” are certified as a Grade A medical device in Japan. Grade A medical devices are products proven to: “diagnose, treat or prevent chronic health issues” or “affect the body structure or function” and are government regulated.

Long story short, the benefits are clearly proven.

Goldwing “Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” are made in Japan. High quality control is ensured by weaving in Toyama, dyeing in Gunma, and sewing in Nagasaki.

Promoting blood circulation and easing swelling.

Unlike conventional active tights and calf sleeves that are designed solely for sporting activities, the “Inspiration Long Tights” and “Inspiration Calf Sleeves” are more versatile. As such, they can be worn daily, to promote better all-round health.

They can help ease swelling in various work environments, including both sitting and standing. And as they are designed for sports use, they can cope with frequent washing, which also makes them ideal for everyday wear.

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