Re-Optimum Paper Series

Introducing the Re-Optimum Paper Series for Summer Conditioning Developed with KODENSHI® technology for recovery, Re-Optimum functionality is now available in the Re-Optimum Paper Series to keep you comfortable during the summer.

Paper fiber fabrics are ideal for summer conditions, thanks to their excellent moisture

They continue to provide high levels of comfort even in significant temperature changes when moving between hot and humid outdoor scenarios and air-conditioned indoor environments.

  • Re-Optimum Paper Relax T-shirt
  • Re-Optimum Paper Long Pants



Natural body temperature regulation in air-conditioned environments

High-performance material KODENSHI® fibers contain a blend of ultra-fine ceramics that recycle natural far infrared radiation from the body to help maintain a constant body temperature and keep warmth close to the wearer, for enhanced relaxation and comfort.

  • Re-Optimum Paper L/S T-shirt