Goldwin x Dylan Bowman Trail Running Collection

Developed in collaboration with Goldwin athlete and world-class trail runner, Dylan Bowman

As Goldwin dives deeper in the athletic category, designs and functionality have been influenced heavily by their close relationship with Dylan Bowman. A fan of Goldwin’s running apparel for years, namely for its lightweight protection and comfort, Dylan came on as an athlete and advisor early 2023. This collab collection features lightweight Pertex outerwear for breathable weatherproofing, and lightweight shorts and tees.
“I was truly inspired by their attention to detail in their product development process. Their attention to detail in design is difficult to put in words, so we need people to actually experience it. For me, a good product is one that feels like an extension of my body, a tool that allows me to run freely without thinking about it when I hit the trail. Because what makes trail running a special sport is the sense of freedom inherent in this activity.”


Price: $380.00

Goldwin Star Trail Pack

Price: $210.00

A/L Hybrid Wool T-shirt

Price: $130.00


Dylan Bowman

Born in Reno, Nevada in 1986, grew up in Boulder, Colorado.
Played lacrosse from childhood until graduating university. After retiring from lacrosse, stepped into full marathons and competed in trail running races. Winning major races in North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, he has been actively racing worldwide for more than a decade.
In addition to racing, Bowman has made a successful career in the trail running industry. He founded FREETRAIL, a media and a company dedicated to sharing the passion for trail running with the next generation. Bowman hosts the Freetrail podcast, where he interviews a wide cohort of guests, covering topics from trail running, ultrarunning, sports, business, and the outdoor industry itself.
He has entered a partnership with Goldwin since 2022.

1st Place: Ultra-Trail Australia 100k in 2015
1st Place: Tarawera Ultramarathon 100k in 2015
1st Place: Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji in 2016
1st Place: 100 Miles of Istria in 2017
7th Place: UTMB in 2017
1st Place: Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji in 2018
1st Place: UTWT Tarawera Ultramarathon in 2018
2nd Place: Hardrock 100mile in 2021

Stories / Projects

Trail Running will Save the World

Trail Running has the power to change the world for the better. Dylan Bowman lives on his passion with such belief. The activities that Dylan, a man who has been running as the worldclass trail runner for many years, is carrying out as part of his mission for the future are filled with many smiles and tears.

New Chapter

In July 2023, Goldwin’s global athlete Dylan Bowman was in Silverton, a mining town of the Colorado highlands, to participate in the “Hardrock 100” trail running race which he titles his self-challenge a “New Chapter”.