It is important to have good quality rest to keep your body in good condition.One way to do this is to choose functional wear that supports recovery. "Re-Optimum" is body-conditioning wear made using the high-performance material KODENSHI®, which was developed in co-operation with Professor Shimizu Norinaga M.D., of Osaka Prefecture University. Professor Norinaga has been researching environmental adaptation and sleep in the field of health and medical science for over 30 years.

The comfort of ‘temperature-consistency closer to body temperature.’

What happens to the body when body temperature drops by one degree?

Humans maintain a steady body temperature by adapting the body to environmental changes. So, what happens to the body if, and when, body temperature drops? Professor Shimizu explains: “Our body temperature plays a big role in how our immune system and enzymes function. If core body temperature drops by one degree, the supply of oxygen to the mitochondria malfunctions, weakening the immune system by about 37%. And effects from the roughly 3,000 types of metabolic and digestive enzymes that work inside us to sustain us can be reduced by 50 per cent.”

Bringing comfort into everyday life.
Relax your mind and body with a true-to-the-body temperature.

Data shows that "hypothermia", a state of lower-than-normal body temperature, distracts our mental peace and causes tiredness to remain in the body. Many people experience restlessness by being cold at night not only in the cold winter, but also in the summer when air-conditioning is on at night. Maintaining a proper body temperature is an extremely important factor for relaxation and comfort in everyday life.

KODENSHI® – a high-performance material

Natural body temperature = The source of heat retention = Far infrared rays

The most important feature in products with KODENSHI® is that they reflect natural warmth derived from the wearer's own body temperature. Body temperature here is not the heat that is transmitted when it touches the skin directly, but the far infrared rays emitted from the human body. It's the same kind of warmth that you experience if you position your left and right palms facing each other – you feel heat even though you're not actually touching the opposite hand. Direct retention of true body temperature using far-infrared rays creates naturally lasting, comfortable warmth. This is the major difference from other “heating” fibers that absorb moisture and get too hot.

KODENSHI® enables efficient radiation within the body temperature range.

There was a huge challenge to overcome to utilize far-infrared rays in clothing. The challenge was in the fact that far-infrared heat is transmitted by "radiation", which is different from "conduction" and "convection". KODENSHI® makes this possible by kneading a fine blend of ceramic particles into fibers, which can then be blended with other yarns. This is how KODENSHI® succeeded in becoming a material that efficiently radiates far-infrared rays and maintains natural warmth even at body temperature. KODENSHI® now has patents not only domestically, but also internationally in 12 countries, demonstrating its effectiveness in a variety of markets from sports apparel to bedding and footwear.

Re-Optimum Paper

Paper fiber with an excellent moisture absorption property and dry feel, perfect for summer.

Our piece made with paper fiber has an excellent moisture absorption property that is comfortable against the skin and gives a nice dry feel, making it perfect for hot and humid summer months. The comfort is maintained even if the temperature difference is huge between the outside and indoors with cool air conditioning. Its slightly loose silhouette works great not only as a loungewear but also as post-exercise wear.

Re-Optimum Paper L/S T-shirt

MENS GC44146 $140.00

Re-Optimum Paper Relax T-shirt

UNISEX GC44147 $130.00

Re-Optimum Paper Long Pants

MENS GC44166 $155.00

Re-Optimum Sweatshirt

Comfortable Warmth with KODENSHI® and Pile

This fleece-lined sweatshirt made of a soft pile fabric offers both functionality and comfort. The skin surface of the fabric benefits from KODENSHI® technology with added deodorizing Maxi Fresh functionality to reduce unpleasant odors caused by sweat. Its fleece material is made with a special twisted thread that gives a soft and fluffy feel. The silhouette has just the right amount of room to gently wrap around the body. The flat seam construction also adds to its comfortable feel.

Re-Optimum Sweatshirt

MENS GC43341 $150.00

Re-Optimum Sweatshirt

WOMENS GCW43341 $150.00

Re-Optimum Sweatpants

MENS GC43342 $150.00

Re-Optimum Sweatpants

WOMENS GCW43342 $150.00