Comfortable and stylish socks are an essential item in our daily lives. Especially for those leading an “active lifestyle,” the right choice of socks directly affects the health and comfort of your feet, and Goldwin offers a variety of options to meet your needs.

Goldwin’s sock collection comes in various types and lengths, making it a bit challenging to find the perfect pair. In this article, we’ll focus on the types and lengths of our socks and introduce you to those best suited for various activities and settings.

Let’s explore together just how important the right sock choice is in enhancing the comfort of your feet.

1: Arch Support Socks

Featuring a patented arch support structure to reduce foot impact

These are Goldwin’s most popular socks suitable for sports and everyday life.
Their standout feature is the taping structure that supports the three arches on the sole of your foot:

・the inner vertical arch
・the outer vertical arch
・the transverse arch

By supporting these three arches, they help reduce the risk of arch collapse, a common cause of foot troubles.
Not only does arch support help absorb the shock during landing, but it also provides a spring-like effect to enhance propulsion. The toe and heel areas inside the socks are reinforced with high-density cushioning, and the toe section uses high-strength yarn for added durability. These signature socks are small but packed with the brand’s dedication to quality.

To learn more about why arch support is essential, check out the blog linked below.

2: Trekking

Thick wool fabric suitable for trekking

These socks use thick fabric from the toe to the ankle, providing cushioning and a snug fit. The wool material in the body keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter while offering excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping your shoes comfortable. Support is added around the ankles to enhance stability and reduce the risk of injury.

These socks also feature arch support, which helps reduce the strain on your feet. The cross taping on the sole supports the arch of your foot, reduces the drop of the vertical arch, and enhances the taping effect using special yarn in the support areas. They are suitable for long hours of mountain climbing or hiking, thanks to shock absorption during landing and the spring-like effect on your feet.

They come in two different kind of thicknesses, so you can choose the one that suits your season and preferences.

3: Paper Fiber

Durable, dry-feeling socks made from paper yarn

These socks also boast excellent abrasion resistance. While typical socks can withstand 500 friction cycles in abrasion resistance tests, paper fiber socks can endure over 10,000 cycles, making them suitable for strenuous sports.

Furthermore, they come with arch support, reducing the impact on your feet.

Once you try them, you’ll get addicted!

4: Ventilating Light

A ventilation structure to reduce discomfort from sweating

The part at the top of your feet and the base of your toes are designed with a breathable border-like structure to reduce sweating and provide a cooler feeling.

They use high-quality fibers in the toe, heel, and the base of the toe section for better grip and fit, ensuring minimal slippage between your socks, shoes, and feet.

These socks also come with arch support, reducing the strain on your feet. They are made with “GREEN MATERIAL,” a recyclable material, to minimize the environmental impact.

Comparison of Lengths and Recommended Usage Scenarios

Short Length:These are ideal for casual everyday wear, perfect with sneakers or loafers. They are suitable for relaxed situations like commuting, shopping, and light strolls.

Quarter Length:Suitable for an active lifestyle, these socks are perfect for jogging, walking, and light workouts, offering ankle support while maintaining breathability. Pair them with sports shoes for a comfortable workout experience.

Goldwin Socks Quick Reference Table

Goldwin’s sock collection, featuring various lengths and high-quality materials, can adapt to all lifestyles and situations.
Find your favorite Goldwin socks that match your preferences and needs and are perfect for your daily routine and activities.