Trail Running Kit

“Run through nature as if you are cutting through the wind.”
The “Goldwin Trail Running Kit,” is a highly functional product that has been researched and developed in collaboration with an athlete to deliver the best performance products.

Product Story

Athlete Proven×
Dedication to Detail

Dylan Bowman, a world-class trail runner who became a Goldwin athlete in 2022. He has won the Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji twice and finished 2nd at the 2021 Hardrock 100mile. The development of the "Goldwin Trail Running kit" began with him, who has now launched a media called "FREETRAIL" and continues to spread the appeal of trail running.

Dylan’s idea of an ideal product was something that would make you forget you were wearing it. To make this ideal a reality, the development team looked down to the smallest detail, worked to reduce weight as much as possible, and thoroughly pursued the comfort of wearing.
Goldwin has a philosophy of "Dedication to Detail" that has been passed down since its founding. We believe that true functionality and comfort reside in the details that are not visible on the surface.

So as in this time. We not only focused on selecting materials and making patterns, but also went into subtle adjustments like the way the jacket's cuffs and hood close, and we selected the lightest possible material for the inner seam tape and cut as thinly as possible, just to give a thorough attention to details.
Then prototypes are made, Dylan tests them in the field, and we repeat iterating on the feedback. After numerous communication and testing, the final product that combines “Athlete Promise” and “Dedication to Detail” has a simple design without any excess but equips all the essential elements necessary for top athletes to achieve their ultimate performance.

The future stages of our new developments will not only include Dylan Bowman, but also intake of other Goldwin athletes such as Gediminas Grinius, who was the Ultra-Trail World Tour annual champion, and Yuya Kawasaki, who took 2nd place at Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2023.
The "Goldwin Trail Running kit", which will debut in 2024, will continue to evolve for all runners to immerse themselves in their running without stress, unite with nature, and enjoy its precious gifts.



A rainwear that eliminated excess to the bare minimum for superior lightweight and breathability.

Made of PERTEX SHIELD AIR’s thinnest 7 denier fabric, which has both moisture permeability and air permeability. A material with high breathability was selected so that it can be worn without overheating during high-intensity trail running.
The pursuit of lightness can be seen in the smallest detail. There are no pockets, and the waterproof zipper on the jacket is the thinnest and softest available. The waterproof seam tape has also been swapped to the one with half the thickness of the tape normally used. By thoroughly reducing the weight in 1g increments, we have achieved the lightest class of 3-layer rainwear at 104g for the jacket (L size) and 85g for the pants (L size).

Attention is paid not only to weight reduction, but also to comfort. The adjustment functions of the cuffs and hood are replaced with elastic shirring to reduce weight, while its durability has been carefully adjusted to achieve the appropriate strength.
The fabric is so soft that you wouldn't expect it to be waterproof, and the zipper on the jacket is made of the softest possible material so it won't interfere with running. Additionally, there is a gusset on the back that allows you to wear the jacket over the running pack, eliminating the hassle of taking the pack down. The pants have a wide hem opening that can be opened and closed without taking off the shoes, and the Velcro have a wide adjustment range so that they can be securely fastened at the ankles without interfering with footwork.

This is the rainwear that Dylan Bowman wanted, which “let’s you forget that you have it on.”


GA04120 / $380.00


GA74152 / $300.00

Star Trail Pack

What we wanted was a “wearable Pack.” A trail running pack that becomes part of your outfit.

In order to achieve a comfort that feels like “wearing” rather than “carrying,” we focused on its center of gravity and its resistance to shaking.
By placing the center of gravity higher, the weight and strain on the body was reduced. The back of the pack, which is the main air chamber, is made of stretchy fabric with strong kickback that suppresses the pack from shaking.
The chest belt is also an elastic material that makes it easier to breathe without restricting the expansion of the chest.
In addition to the main air chamber, there are two pockets located at the top and bottom of the pack that can be accessed while carrying, reducing the stress of lifting and lowering your pack while running. There are ample storage space with two large pockets on the front that can hold food for the day, and two pockets that can store trash.
With a capacity of approximately 7L, this pack is suitable for short to middle races and perfect for runners seeking their best times.

Goldwin Star Trail Pack

GA94199 / $210.00

A/L Hybrid Wool T-shirt

A hybrid T-shirt that offers benefits of both wool and synthetic fibers.

Wool is a material widely used for mountain climbing because it has high moisture absorption and desorption, does not get stuffy, less likely to get cold from sweat, and has deodorizing properties. However, because of its slower drying character, they are often avoided during trail running where you sweat a lot. Consequently, there is currently a higher demand for synthetic materials such as polyester that have high sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties.

AXIO WOOL PRO is the material chosen to provide the comfort of wool even for running. By spirally wrapping polyester filaments inside a wool fiber bundle, this hybrid material has the soft feel and functionality of wool, while also having the The back area, which is particularly prone to sweat and stuffiness, has a textured mesh structure that prevents it from sticking to the skin and improves breathability.
This is a wool T-shirt that can be actively used for trail running.

A/L Hybrid Wool T-shirt

GA64128 / $130.00