Paper Fiber Socks

Japanese brand Goldwin dedicated its resource that represent Made-in-Japan quality as well as the craftsmanship at its best and developed “Paper Fiber Socks.”

The artwork that symbolizes this product was created in collaboration with an artist Gen Taniguchi who inherited the 300 years tradition of Neo Washi, and a graphic designer Shun Sasaki.

It is one-of-a-kind artwork that reflects a Japanese brand, traditional crafts, and designer’s commitments to their creations through typography of Japanese words that represent characteristics of Paper Fiber Socks written on Washi.

Get the best running experience with socks that give you dry-feel, cushioning, and arch support.

Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks

From daily activities to running, support your feet in any situations.

Paper Fiber Arch Support Ankle Socks

Run through rough trails with socks that offers trustable durability and firm steps.

Paper Fiber 5-Toe Socks

Enjoy fast-trekking with ankle protection and reduced humidness around toes.

Paper Fiber 5-Toe Quarter Socks

Benefits of Paper Fiber improve everyday lifestyle.

Paper Fiber Foot Cover Socks

Product Line up

Paper Fiber C3fit Arch Support Pile Sock

GC21135 / $23.00

Paper Fiber Arch Support Ankle Socks

GC29331 / $20.00

Artist Profile

Gen Taniguchi

7th generation of Neo Washi handcraft that has an over 300 years history in Saga’s Neo district. By utilizing the traditional craftmanship and mixing different materials to create one paper, the soul rooted in the material comes to life. Taniguchi and his partners Yu Sakurai and Ryohei Kaneda produce such creations, which are the new representation of traditional Washi, they call “Soul Revival Paper.”

Shun Sasaki

Graphic Designer/ Art Director
Born in Sendai at 1985, currently based in Tokyo. Graduated with a degree of graphic design at Tama Art University in 2010. Established AYOND Inc. in 2016. Awarded the New Designer in 2020 by JAGDA. He has done designing for poet Tahi Saihate’s book “The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue”, as well as its exhibition, graphics for Nike store at Kichijyouji, direction of a promotional art for “Where design is found―from the Museum Collection ” at National Modern Art Museum, Tokyo, and more. He also participated in “Word-gazing and traveling with words – Landscapes with modern and classical poetry“ at Toda city’s Art Gallery and Library in 2018.