Goldwin x Baracuta Fall & Winter 2023 Capsule

Goldwin and Baracuta resonated deeply with each other, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of creating an identity based on our commitment to technology and connection to culture. Sharing a long history and a commitment to craftsmanship, we are now launching a capsule collection of anonymous, yet individualistic products. Here, four individuals, who find their own special moment in everyday life, walk the streets of London wearing the items.

Ciaran, who studies architecture at the School of Art, thinks deeply about the architecture he encounters on a daily basis and the impact the spaces in which he encounters them have on people.

Influenced by my father, a furniture designer, I was interested in architecture from an early age. My father taught me that a good space has a positive effect on people both mentally and physically. So I started studying architecture at Central Saint Martins. Now that I am learning more practical things in my classes, I have been thinking about my father's words again.

Home is my best place to practice. What kind of things should be there to make a good space? What kind of layout is suitable? Even keeping things neat and tidy is important. To keep your head and mind fresh, you don't want a cluttered room. Designing a space where you feel most relaxed and keeping it neat and tidy will give you clarity on what needs to be done.

I love bicycles so much that I am going on a tour to Switzerland, and often go to the market to find vintage frames and parts. I travel by bicycle most of the time, and London has so much good architecture that I can learn a lot just by looking at the city as I move around.

Randy, a DJ, plays music as a means of creating a place where good vibes flow and interacting with the audience.

I studied architecture in college. I saw a lot of great buildings and got to know a lot of great architects, but it wasn't the buildings that interested me the most. Most buildings are built with a purpose, and people gather there. The atmosphere of a place is important to me. I believe that to create a good atmosphere, you need the right place and the right music.

When I play music in front of people as a DJ, I never prepare beforehand. I don't know which music should be played until I'm on stage. It is not the role of a DJ to assert their own taste: it is all about responding to the crowd. It's more like a communication between my energy and their energy through sound.

On my days off, I go to museums and exhibitions and observe those places to understand what makes their atmosphere good. A good atmosphere is not only about the beauty of a place. There are many other factors, such as the location, the people, the music, etc. With sounds and music, I intend to create a good atmosphere.

Sunil, a photographer, walks around his favorite city with his iPhone in hand, waiting for a special moment, without knowing when the moment comes.

I am most attracted to situations where two opposing elements overlap. You will find my sense of aesthetics in my past photographic work. Old and new, light and shadow. When these elements are juxtaposed in a single photograph, it becomes something very special to me.

Taking pictures has become very easy. In the past, you had to travel with heavy equipment, but now you can take pictures anywhere with your iPhone. Special moments do not always happen when I am preparing for them. With my phone, I can capture such moments casually, so shooting becomes different and interesting compared to conventional photography.

Vauxhall is one of my favorite parts of London. Many of my friends used to live here and we would hang out a lot. The mix of new skyscrapers and brick buildings, typical of London, is what makes this area unique. This park is one of my favorite places. It is lush with greenery, but when you look up, you see nature, old buildings, and glistening skyscrapers all in one landscape. I am always looking for such a beautiful scene.

Ranny, an artist, leads a calm and stable daily life in order to interpret sensitive subjects with a flat perspective.

We all need peaceful moments of calm and relaxation. Wake up in the morning, open the window and take a deep breath. Put on some music, read a book, or have dinner with friends. My creative work is an act that can only be done on the basis of such a peaceful life.

My work is inspired by the social struggles of my friends in the queer community and the restrictions that are still imposed on us. I want to express that in an abstract way, so I have to take time and reflect on my own feelings.

When I am inspired by a theme that is partly aggressive, I think it is important to have a grounded, peaceful daily life in order to reflect on myself. By keeping my mind steady at all times, I can face the theme more deeply and express it in my own way.

GORE-TEX G-9 Jacket

GL03700BA $730.00

GORE-TEX G-12 Coat

GL03701BA $980.00


GL93780BA $150.00