Alpine Codex Group

by Goldwin & Actual Source

"Alpine Codex Group" is a fictional hiking group that combines the unique ideas of Actual Source, a design studio based in the Utah, USA with the functionality that Goldwin cultivated in its history of outdoor apparel manufacturing. The collection presents uniforms of this fictional hiking group. The lineup includes oversized shell jacket, wide silhouette pants, socks and cap with typography designed by Actual Source. In addition, the oversized sweatshirt and hoodie are printed with original graphics by a graphic artist SHINKNOWNSUKE, who both parties have close relationship with.


Alpine Codex Group GORE-TEX 3L Jacket

GM02701AS $890.00

Alpine Codex Group Crew Neck Sweat

GL42704AS $240.00

Alpine Codex Group Parka

GL42705AS $280.00

Alpine Codex Group Relax Pants

GM72753AS $230.00

Alpine Codex Group GORE-TEX 3L Cap

GM92702AS $140.00

Alpine Codex Group Socks

GC22706AS $45.00

GC22707AS $45.00

About Actual Source

Actual Source is the collaborative design practice of Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie based in USA. Together, and with their community of collaborators, they design and produce books, visual identities, websites, packaging, apparel, and physical spaces for clients in many diverse fields at large and small scale.