Discover Insights to the Goldwin’s Staple Pants Collection!

For individuals leading an active lifestyle, having the right bottoms is essential. Goldwin’s pants, in particular, stand out with their high-quality materials and refined designs.
However, it can be challenging if you are new to the collection to choose the perfect pair of Goldwin pants.
Therefore, in this article, we’ll focus on three crucial points to consider when selecting Goldwin pants.
Let’s begin by exploring designs and functionality that match your needs.

1. Choose from 4 Silhouettes

Goldwin’s Lifestyle pants collection offers four distinct silhouettes:


The tapered styles provide some room around the thighs and hips while tapering down to the cuffs. On the other hand, the WIDE & RELAX STRAIGHT offers a straight silhouette from the waist to the cuffs.

1.Slim Tapered: These pants offer a slim and sleek silhouette, making them suitable for casual and even business settings.
2.Regular Tapered: Considered a Goldwin classic, these pants are versatile and suitable for various occasions.
3.Relax Tapered: Featuring a smooth, curved silhouette from the hips to the cuffs, these pants add a touch of sharpness to your casual outfits.
4.Wide & Relax Straight: This newly introduced silhouette for the season strikes the perfect balance with its comfortable width, designed for adults.

Choose the one that matches your preferences and the occasions.

2. 4 Comfort Features of Goldwin Pants

Goldwin’s pants are all about comfort, including ease of movement, leg mobility, and thoughtful details for all users.

1.Slash Pockets: These are featured on tapered pants, allowing smooth access and easy storage due to their curved seam inspired from brand’s ski identity; spur lines.
2.Security Pocket: Concealed inside the right waist pocket, it’s perfect for storing keys, coins, wireless earphones, and more.
3.Waist Adjuster: The waist can be adjusted using buckles or elastic with a spindle, offering convenience and a relaxed feel. Belt loops are also available for pants designed for business scenes.
4.Spacious Back Pockets: Known for their large size, they also are easily accessible even while wearing a backpack. The design ensures that they retain silhouette even when you store larger items.

3. 12 Styles for the Fall-Winter Season

4. 5 Highly Recommended Pants

Let’s introduce Goldwin’s top picks for this season, categorized by silhouette:

Slim Tapered Stretch Pants(GL73174)

These pants combine a clean, town-friendly appearance with ease of movement. They feature a slim tapered silhouette with a full-length design and crotch gusset for improved leg mobility. Made from 100% polyester with excellent elasticity and shape retention due to its spring-like molecular structure, these pants resist wrinkles and maintain their shape. They’re also water-resistant, with an easy-to-use buckle waist and a secure zipper pocket inside the right waist pocket.

€225.00 €158.00

One Tuck Tapered Stretch Pants (GL73172)

A versatile classic and Goldwin’s staple, these pants offer a slightly relaxed fit around the waist and a tapered silhouette towards the hem. Made from 100% polyester with excellent elasticity and shape retention, they’re easy to wear in various styles.

€235.00 €165.00

One Tuck Wool Pants(GL73177)

Pants made of high-quality and functional material that can be used in a wide range of styles from business to dress occasions. These showcase an ankle-length relaxed tapered style, an elastic waistband with spindles and belt loops. They incorporate a moderately glossy twill fabric for a sleek silhouette, knee-length lining applied for comfort.

€270.00 €189.00

Stroller Easy Pants (GL73352)

Combing the texture of cotton twill with stretchability, these pants are designed as a wide-straight silhouette with a one-tuck design, perfect for casual wear. The fabric blends natural cotton with Solotex, providing stability, quick-drying properties, and excellent stretch. The waistband is equipped with a flat elastic and a buckle for size adjustment, while the inseam is full-length has crotch gusset for improved leg movement. Pockets applied on both sides and a zippered security pocket inside the right pocket. A stylish double-stitching adds a further accent to the detail.

€220.00 €154.00

Relax Straight Easy Pants(GL73179)

These pants have a wide-straight silhouette and relaxed style that gently curves from the hips to the hem without any tucking.
Made of 100% recycled nylon that has a unique crisp texture. Can be worn like sweatpants for a sophisticated urban style at home, but they also pair well with a shirt.

€240.00 €168.00

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Elevate your wardrobe with these stylish and functional choices for various occasions!