“Goldwin” is opening a new store, “Goldwin Munich,” on October 16, 2020. Following “Goldwin Marunouchi”, “Goldwin Harajuku” in Japan and “Goldwin San Francisco” in the US, this store will be the first Goldwin flagship store in Europe.

Munich, located in southern part of Germany, is a beautiful city that combines traditional architects and a vast nature. The city also has the 3rd largest population within the country with a higher GDP and economical stability. Its proximity to Bavarian Alps with a rich outdoor activity field throughout the year makes Munich the entrance point for many skiers who enjoy Austria’s large ski resort during the long Winter season.

In this city that exists between civilization and rich nature, Goldwin will be offering items created by its long history of product development, which incorporates cutting-edge functionality, practicality, and a sophisticated design. Goldwin hopes every detail in its products will inspire people’s curiosity and imagination that would lead them into a whole new adventure.

Goldwin Munich

  • Address Schaefflerstrasse 4 Schaefflerhof 80333 Munich
  • Tel +49 (0)89 46259810
  • Business hours 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed: Sun.)

About Goldwin


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Goldwin’s birthplace, Toyama Prefecture, is a world-class ski destination in Western Japan set against a backdrop of 3,000 meter peaks, rugged valleys, fast rivers and the windy Sea of Japan — the perfect place to push the boundaries of apparel design. It’s why Goldwin has never left. But today, Goldwin’s birthplace is much more than a simple textile factory. Called the Tech Lab, it’s a laboratory staffed with scientists, engineers, athletes and fashion experts, all of whom are dedicated to expanding our knowledge of fabrics, hardware and apparel manufacturing methods. If the mountains are Goldwin’s heart, then the Tech Lab is Goldwin’s brain.